Paris meets New York: Fe Noel's Fall/Winter 2016 Inspiration

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This season, Fe Noel’s Fall Winter 2016 collection is inspirited by the style

of Countess Jacqueline de Ribes. de Ribes is widely known for being a

businesswoman, designer and philanthropist but her style and disposition

caught the attention of our creative director. After viewing

de Ribes exhibit at the Met, Fe Noel was inspired to learn

more about Jacqueline de Ribes.

(Countess Jacqueline de Ribes)
“I always play with this very french kind of style.
Its very sexy, very free the women are very
powerful and of course they have their own style.
That's what my brand is about - the woman who walks
to the beat of her own drum.” - Fe Noel



When getting ready for her fashion presentation, Fe Noel sat down

with Abi Ishola founder & editor-in-chief of Beyond Classically

Beautiful. Ms. Ishola was able to speak with our creative director

to get insight on her Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

When I saw her exhibit in The Met and I really read into it, I just

loved the woman. She was also a designer but I loved her

aesthetic and the way people talked about her and her

style… so this collection is based on the American,

New York, modern version of that.


“Glamorous people bring something to others.
They are seductive, attractive - and it has
nothing to do with frivolity. Glamour sticks
to people. An object is not glamorous,
but places where people go are glamorous.
That’s why New York is the glamour capital
of the world.” - Jacqueline de Ribes

"Being totally nude is not sexy. The art of being sexy is
to suggest. To let people have fantasy." - Jacqueline de Ribes.

When tying the persona of Jacqueline de Ribes and Fe Noel's signature styles,

our creative director's vision came to life with our Autumn collection.

Flaunting different shades of purple and burgundy while mixing textures

and tones, Fe Noel's F/W16 ties the Parisian and New Yorker into one collection.

Merging Paris and New York, the collection was debuted at Paris' famous

Ladurée Soho location. The Parisian interior design housed the perfect

scenery for this fall's collection. Preview pieces from the collection below: 





     "My signature is always the plunging
      neckline. For me that is the sexiest part
      of a woman’s body. That small line coming
      down from your neckline to your navel." - Fe Noel





        (shot by Beyond Classically Beautiful, see more HERE






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