Made to Measure


1. Shoulders:  Stand in front of a full-length mirror with your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Extend the tape measure from the outer edge of one shoulder to the outer edge of the other. Keep the tape parallel to the floor. Look at the number in the mirror or carefully bend your head to look at it without changing your posture.

2. Bust: Measure all the way around your bust and back on the line of your nipples.

3. Waist: Measure at its narrowest point width-wise, usually just above the navel. Keep it parallel to the floor. Do not hold your breath or suck your stomach in. Hold your body upright in a comfortable standing position to get an accurate measurement.

4. Hips: Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your hips and butt. This is usually located 7 to 9 inches (17.8 to 22.9 cm) below your natural waist. Keep the tape measure parallel to the floor.

5. Inseam: Measure the inside leg. Ask your friend to use a tape measure to measure the length of your leg from your ankle up to the top of your upper thigh. You should be standing with your leg straight while this is done. Round the number up to the nearest half-inch and mark it down on paper.